New York Real Estate (Property) Power of Attorney Form


The New York Real Estate (Property) Power of Attorney provides the legal foundations for an individual (the Principal) to delegate real estate related projects or duties to another party (their Agent). Whether personal or business projects or even legal duties, the tasks the Principal assigns to their Agent must be stated clearly in the Power of Attorney form. Should the Agent object to any or wish to modify the terms in some way, they should inform the Principal before signing. Likewise, the Principal should ensure they have chosen an effective Agent before signing. The reason being that once the form is signed and executed, any and all provisions will become legally-binding.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Statutory Short Form and Other Powers of Attorney for Financial and Estate Planning and Recording Instruments Affecting Real Property

Signing Requirements (NY Real Prop L § 298) – A conveyance of real property situated in New York must be acknowledged at any place within the state before one of the following parties:

  • A justice of the supreme court,
  • An official examiner of title,
  • An official referee, or
  • A Notary Public.