Cat/Kitten Bill of Sale Form

A Cat/Kitten Bill of Sale accompanies the sale of a cat or kitten to provide the buyer with proof that they are the rightful owner of the animal. The form can be used for professional breeders as well as families that found themselves with unexpected kittens. Although optional, including the contact information of both parties allows one to contact the other should an issue arise. Filling out all details of the form will protect the buyer and seller if concerns about the transaction arise.

It is very important to include a full description of the cat or kitten in the form. In the specified areas, enter the cat’s name, registration number, breed, date of birth, sex, and fur color. Once completed, the buyer and seller will need to sign their names (signing can take place by hand or by signing the document electronically.). The buyer should be provided a copy of the form; the seller can retain a copy for their records as well.