Sublease Agreement Templates

A sublease agreement is a secondary rental agreement that is signed between the original tenant to a home or apartment (called the “sublessor” or “sublandlord”) and a new tenant (called the “sublessee” or “subtenant”). The contract is very similar to the lease signed between a landlord and tenant, with the exception that the landlord is not involved with the process. Before a tenant should begin the subleasing process, the underlying lease agreement should be examined to ensure subleasing is either permitted or not referenced specifically.

Sublease Agreements by State

What is a Sublease Agreement?

A sublease agreement is a legally binding document that establishes the rules and expectations that the sublessee is required to follow. The form is used when a tenant, who has a considerable length of time left on their lease, wishes to leave the property and live somewhere else for the remainder or a portion of the lease. Without the worry of paying two (2) rents, a sublease allows the original tenant to collect rent from the sublessee. It’s important to understand that with a sublease, the original lease agreement signed with the landlord stays in effect. Additionally, the landlord still expects regular rent payments from the original tenant. What does this mean? If the sublessee stops paying rent for whatever reason, the original tenant will have to come up with the payment on their own.

Sample Template