Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale Form

Download a Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale when buying a dog or puppy from a breeder or a one-time seller. The bill of sale is similar to a receipt as it proves the buyer paid for the animal. Once signed, the seller will have officially given up ownership of the dog or puppy, releasing the seller from any responsibility if the pet falls ill or succumbs to an injury. When completing the bill of sale, both parties should include their contact information, as well as details about the newly purchased pet. It is best practice to check local state laws to determine when the mother and puppy can be legally separated.

Tips for Selling a Dog or Puppy

  • Choose the Right Buyers: Making sure that the dog or puppy goes to a loving home is a top priority. Social media can be a great place to research interested candidates. A background check will also give more information about their history. Avoid buyers who have a criminal record, especially those associated with animal abuse.
  • Set up an Interview: After selecting the buyer(s), chat with them in person. Be sure to ask the right questions to learn more about who they are and their intentions with the pet. It can be helpful to dive deeper into their past experience, as well as their care plan for the animal. There are no questions that are off-limits when making sure that the dog is in good hands.
  • Use Bill of Sale: Having a bill of sale in any transaction is recommended as it covers both parties. To further protect the buyer and seller, sign it in front of a notary.