Furniture Bill of Sale Form

A Furniture Bill of Sale shifts ownership of an object used for physical or visual purposes from a seller to a buyer. Furniture is considered anything that a person uses to support themselves in a home, workspace, or outdoor environment. The item may also be used to store or display goods, such as a dresser that organizes clothes or a desk that holds the weight of a computer. In addition to these common uses, the piece can also be decorative and serve no purpose other than to be visually appealing. When describing the item in the bill of sale, describe what it is, as well as its characteristics, such as the type, brand, color, serial number, and cost.

How to Sell Furniture

It can be a hassle to know where to sell furniture and how to do it. Following these key steps will make the process of attracting buyers and advertising easier.

1. Consider Value and Effort

Some items are not worth selling, especially if they are worn or ripped beyond repair. Most buyers are not going to purchase furniture that they do not see value in. Only choose the items that are worth fixing or do not need any fixing at all.

2. Make Improvements

Increase the furniture’s value by making it look desirable to buyers. Usually, this just means giving it a deep clean and repairing any minor tears. However, it may need more work. In that case, it may help to bring it to a local repair shop.

3. Collect Media

Catch the buyer’s eye with good-quality photos. Be sure to remove all clutter from the frame and use a single-colored background with clear lighting. Make the furniture look as appealing as possible so that buyers are drawn to it.

4. Advertise

Use as many platforms as possible to list the piece of furniture as more advertisements increase the likelihood of selling. Since most furniture is bulky and expensive to ship, most buyers will want to pick it up in person. However, shipping smaller furniture could also be an option if the buyer does not live locally. For easy listing, use apps and websites like Offerup, Facebook Marketplace, and Craiglist. A quick Google search will yield a wide variety of options. Choose the right one that fits best and provides the desired services. In terms of pricing, be sure to choose an amount that seems realistic for the quality of the furniture.

5. Negotiate and Complete Bill of Sale

Meet with the buyer in person or set up a phone call with them to settle on a price. Many selling apps and services have a system in place for payment collection. Typically, the seller receives the funds once the buyer has received the item. If the deal occurs outside of a standardized platform, the seller should request payment before signing the bill of sale. Once signed, the buyer rightfully owns the furniture meaning they could legally get away without paying.