Lawnmower Bill of Sale Form


A lawnmower bill of sale is a document that proves that a buyer has purchased grass-cutting equipment from a seller. Most commonly, ownership needs to be verified if the buyer wishes to sell again. A bill of sale also needs to be presented if the lawnmower is stolen or involved in an accident. For these reasons, it is crucial for the form to be completed honestly with signatures from both parties. Once signed, the buyer cannot return the lawnmower, nor can they blame the seller if something goes wrong after the sale. The only exception is if the seller is aware of damages or malfunctions with the equipment and fails to tell the buyer before the transaction.

When to Use a Lawnmower Bill of Sale

A lawnmower bill of sale is used in the exchange of any type of mower that occurs between (2) parties. It confirms the identities of the buyer and seller and proves that they both agreed to the terms of the agreement. Since the bill of sale contains a full description of the item, it can be used to prove that the equipment was the exact model involved in the sale.

This form is commonly used for the following types of lawnmowers:

  • Push mowers
  • Hover mowers
  • Self-propelled mowers
  • Reel mowers
  • Riding mowers
  • Robotic mowers