Snowmobile Bill of Sale Form


A snowmobile bill of sale is a form that contains very specific details about a motor sled or snowmachine when a buyer purchases it from a seller. The document includes a full description of the winter sled, along with the contact information of both parties. Entering this information allows a third party to identify the snowmobile after the sale and verify that the transaction happened. A snowmobile bill of sale is also important as certain states require it to register the sled. This form does not hold legal power until it is signed by the buyer and seller.


How to Sell a Snowmobile (4 Steps)

Selling a snowmobile does not have to be complex. Follow these four (4) steps to prepare, list, and sell a snowmachine.

Step One – Prepare 

A well-prepared snowmobile has a higher chance of selling. It should only be listed once it has been cleaned and waxed. The owner can also carry out small repairs to increase the buyer’s interest. If the repairs are not completed prior to the deal, the seller is legally required to include the issue(s) in the bill of sale.

Step Two – Advertise

It is important to create an advertisement that highlights the sled’s best features. The listing needs to have clear photos and a specific description. Knowing where to sell the snowmobile and promoting it on multiple platforms makes it more likely to sell.

Step Three – Determine a Price

The price of the snow machine is based on its age, engine size, and other factors. Typically, buyers use the price to determine whether or not they will purchase. For this reason, it is recommended to use an appraisal tool, which provides an accurate estimate.

Step Four – Write Bill of Sale

Once the buyer has decided to purchase the snowmobile, they must complete the bill of sale with the seller. Similar to a receipt, the first section requires the date of the sale. Next, both parties need to fill out the “Buyer” and “Seller” sections, which allow them to contact each other after the transaction. Under “Snowmobile Info”, fill in each line to identify the sled. Lastly, the “Payment” part of the bill of sale should contain details on the sale price and the payment method.

After the form has been filled, the buyer and seller must sign to verify the information provided. Notarization is required in states that mandate it by law.

How Much is a Snowmobile Worth?

On average, a used snowmobile (120cc to 900cc) costs anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000. Various factors, such as the year, size, condition, and odometer reading, impact the price.

When pricing a snowmobile, it is important to set an amount that is reasonable for its quality. The sled is more likely to sell with a realistic value. NADA and Snowmobile Trader calculate the snowmobile’s worth by comparing it to similar models.

Where to Sell a Snowmobile

Snowmobiles are sold online and in person. Snowmobile Trader is a popular site that owners use to advertise their sleds. The cost ranges between $9.95 and $49.95 and depends on the duration of the listing and the number of photos. offers free listings, although sellers can pay to promote their advertisements. It is common for snowmobile owners to use Craigslist and eBay, as well.

Owners often sell the sled in person. Local fliers and yard signs alert others of the sale. Selling through a dealership is another option. This method is the least time-consuming as the dealer takes care of the touring and selling process. However, the dealership will request at least 10% of the profit after the sale.