Tractor Bill of Sale Form


A tractor bill of sale is a form that contains information on how a tractor was transferred from a seller to a buyer. Similar to a receipt, it includes a full description of the equipment, as well as the selling price and the type of payment used. Once signed by the seller, the buyer can use this document to prove their ownership. Notarization requirements vary by state, so it is recommended to check with local law before signing.

Commonly used for:

  • Utility Tractors
  • Farming Tractors
  • Industrial Tractors
  • Construction Tractors

How Much Are Tractors Worth?

On average, a used tractor has a value between $6,000 and $75,000. If the tractor is purchased new, it can cost up to $150,000. Its worth is based on its condition, age, and horsepower (hp). The amount increases if items, like rake or backhoe attachments, are included in the sale.

Appraisal services are commonly used to calculate the selling price. Online tools like Agriculture, FleetEvaluator, Digitrac, and Used Equipment Guide provide these estimations. Similarly, sellers can research tractors with the same year, make, and model to determine a realistic asking price.

Where to Sell Your Tractor

Tractors are sold online, in person, and through dealers. The method for selling depends on the time and money that an owner is willing to spend on it.

When listing online, it is important to use as many services as possible to inform potential buyers. is a site used to list tractors. It is free for the first listing, but users are required to pay after the initial ad. is similar but charges $4.99 per month for their standard listing, which allows four (4) images per post. The gold listing is $19.99 per year and includes twenty-five (25) images, one (1) video, and a spot on the “Featured Listings” page. If the tractor does not sell within thirty (30) days the site keeps the listing up for free until it is sold.

More general sites, like Craigslist, charge users $5 per post. eBay imposes “insertion fees” and “final value fees” at the beginning and end of the sale. Facebook Marketplace is the only service that is free to use when listing a tractor.

Aside from advertising online, sellers can post fliers and yard signs locally. These types of ads must be easy to read and include key details of the sale, as well as the contact information of the owner.

Additionally, dealerships sell tractors for owners. It is a hands-off approach as the dealer takes care of the listing, touring, and selling. However, this method is less profitable because the owner must pay 10% of the sale price to the business to cover their expenses.