Tractor Bill of Sale Form

A Tractor Bill of Sale form accompanies other important legal documents when a buyer purchases a motorized vehicle used for farming, hauling, and other related purposes from a seller. Both parties should keep a copy of the bill of sale to show that the tractor was purchased, gifted, or traded. It becomes especially important to retain this document if the buyer wants to resell it or needs to register it. Similarly, it is also in the seller’s best interest to keep the form in a safe place because it confirms that they have no legal authority over the tractor.

Used for All Types of Tractors, Including:

  • Utility Tractors
  • Farming Tractors
  • Industrial Tractors
  • Construction Tractors

How Much Are Tractors Worth?

The value of a tractor varies depends on more than the factor. Its make, model, year, and condition can all have an impact. There are not many online sites that provide services to appraise the tractor. However, it is not difficult to calculate its selling price.

For experienced individuals, the selling price of a tractor may be clear. If it is not, consult with experienced friends or peers as they can give you a realistic appraisal.

Another option to consider is heading directly to the manufacturer of your equipment. For example, if you own a New Holland tractor, you could check out their website to see if your tractor is still listed. If the price is available, you can base the cost off of that amount, keeping in mind that it depreciates after purchasing. You could also take a trip to your local dealer to consult with the store’s manager. They may appraise it for free or ask for a small fee.

Where Do You Sell Your Tractor?

There are a few routes to take when getting ready to put your tractor on the market. Listing the equipment online, bringing it to a nearby dealer, or selling locally can all be great ways to bring in potential buyers.

Out of the three options, advertising it yourself and selling it privately will help you make the most money since there are no fees. However, if you decide to take this path know that you will have to work harder to build trust with the buyer so they know that they’re getting a good deal.

While bringing the tractor to a dealership is the most simple method, it is not the most lucrative since the dealer will ask for a percentage of the sale. When utilizing this approach read all of the documents to ensure that they only take the agreed-upon amount of money.