How it Works1 min read

Simply use our top search bar to browse through our list of 1000+ forms. To download a form, look to the right side of the screen a click on one of the available formats.

What do the different formats mean?

PDF – This file type, which has the extension (.pdf), and stands for “Portable Document Format,” was designed by Adobe to be able to be read by any operating system. The only requirement for viewing the form is a PDF reader. While some programs charge upfront or recurring memberships, Adobe offers a PDF reader that can be downloaded for free. We have designed every form to be fillable, allowing users to seamlessly input information into each field without the need to print the document.

WORD – Refers to the file type (.docx), Microsoft Word is a processor that allows users to create, edit, and reuse documents at the touch of a button. Users that need to make edits to a form should download this format. To edit Word documents, the user will need to have downloaded a version of Microsoft Word (paid), or utilize Google Docs free platform.

RTF – An abbreviation for “Rich Text Format”, this file type is the most “barebones” of the format options we provide. RTF files can be opened by almost any text editor, making it the most universal of the types offered. The downside? It has limited styling options and cannot be edited as easy as Word or Excel file types.

EXCEL – Like Word, Excel (.xlsx) was developed by Microsoft, and serves as a spreadsheet designing and editing program. It is very useful for documents that require the calculation of values and totals. Additionally, it allows users to easily create tables of all sizes and organize large amounts of data.