Makeup Artist Invoice Template


A makeup artist invoice template is used by makeup artists to charge clients for cosmetic work. Professional makeup artists are most commonly hired for formal events, like weddings or prom dances. They are also popular among runway models, actors, singers, and other celebrities. All artists charge differently. Some bill through a flat-rate fee, whereas others charge an hourly rate.

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How Much do Makeup Artists Make?

The average hourly wage for American makeup artists is $36.41 per hour. However, it is common for someone in this industry to make anywhere from $11.66 per hour and $48.69 per hour. Those who work in New York City and Los Angeles tend to earn the highest salary in the field with the top paid artists working for celebrities or models. Experience and time also influence the pay rate. Earnings tend to increase with the number of years worked in the industry. This profession has a positive long-term outlook and jobs are expected to increase in the next decade.

How to Become a Makeup Artist

Those in the makeup industry often have a high school diploma, a college degree, and/or a cosmetology certificate. Professionals may also hold a state license to practice.

Marketing is an essential piece of growth in this business. A major component of a makeup artist’s success is their reputation. Therefore, artists must maintain a positive attitude to both inspire others and attract customers. When these incoming clients feel valued, they are more likely to return and recommend the artist.

Social media presence also plays a role in a makeup artist’s career. Generally, influencers post DIY tutorials to help viewers learn more about makeup applications. Posting often and using the right key phrases will also boost their rankings and popularity. Overall, gaining a following on social networks can be a powerful way to advance further in this career.