Contractor Invoice Template

The Contractor Invoice Template is a document used to bill customers for both the hours worked and products or materials purchased during a contracting job. One of the most common mistakes contractors make is the way in which they format their invoices – whether due to a unique job or through the use of a poorly designed invoice. The four (4) invoice formats below, offered in PDF, Word, RTF, and Excel, were designed to combat that issue, allowing for simpler and more organized filing at the benefit of both the customer and contractor.

How to Write in PDF and Word

Step 1 – Download

Download the template in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx).

Step 2 – Company Info

Enter the Company / Contractor Name into the upper left-hand corner. Then, enter the following points of information at the top of the invoice:

  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Company Email
  • Street Address
  • City, State, and ZIP Code
  • Website (if applicable)

Step 3 – Client Contact Information

In the “Bill To” section, enter the customer’s Invoice Number, the Issue Date (when the customer will receive the invoice), the invoice Due Date, the customer’s Full Name, Address, and Phone Number. The “Invoice Total” to the right of the customer’s info does not need to be entered if using the PDF format – it will automatically display once the remainder of the invoice is complete.

Step 4 – Products (Materials)

Enter the products or materials that were purchased during the contracting job. In the table, enter the following:

  • Quantity (number of items purchased)
  • Description of the item
  • The Unit Cost (price of a single item)
  • Amount (Quantity X Unit Price)

Sum the value(s) in the Amount column and enter the result into the Total Products field.

Step 5 – Labor Costs + Totals

Similar to the last step, enter the following information into the “Labor” table:

  • Hours worked per service
  • Description of the work done
  • Hourly Rate for each job ($ / Hour)
  • Amount (Hour X [$ / Hour])

Sum the Amount column and enter the resulting value into the Total Labor cell. Add both the Total Products value and the Total Labor value to calculate the Subtotal. Add on any Sales Tax to the Subtotal and enter the resulting value into the TOTAL field.

Step 6 – Comments + Payment Info

To complete the invoice, enter any Comments or Instructions for the client as well as the number of Days until the full invoice amount will be due.