Dog Sitting Invoice Template


A dog sitting invoice is a form that is used to bill clients for dog care services. During each visit, the dog sitter walks, feeds, and plays with the dog. A client hires a dog sitter when they are on vacation, working, or away from their home for a long period of time. Clients are charged in thirty (30) and sixty (60) minute increments. If the dog needs overnight care, an additional fee is added.

How Much to Charge for Dog Sitting?

Dog sitting rates are based on the services that are needed and the client’s location. The least expensive option is a thirty (30) minute visit to walk and feed the dog. However, clients can request a sixty (60) minute or overnight visit, as well. These services are more expensive because they involve more detailed care like playing or grooming. Similarly, if the dog needs medication or specialized care, the dog sitter will charge an extra fee.

The national average for each service is as follows:

  • Average Daily Cost: $15-50
  • 30-Minute Visit: $25
  • 60-Minute Visit: $32
  • Overnight Visit: $75-85