Dog Sitting Invoice Template

Download a dog sitting invoice to bill clients for dog care services. Dog sitters are requested when clients are unable to care for their dog because they are on vacation or at work. Services and fees vary among businesses. However, it is most common to let the dog outside for a walk and provide them with food and water during each visit. Owners may also request that the caregiver bathe or brush the dog regularly. Dog sitters often charge by the hour of half-hour at a flat-rate fee. Drive time and additional services may also impact the total.

How Much to Charge for Dog Sitting

Dog sitting rates depend on the physical location, type of business, and frequency of visits. More populated areas will have higher rates due to greater demand. Smaller or privately-owned businesses will also charge more than a large company. The type and frequency of the dog care will impact fees, as well. It is important to do research and compare local prices when determining how much to charge for dog sitting services. Listed below are national averages for each service:

  • Average Daily Cost: $25-30
  • 30-Minute Visit: $25
  • Overnight Visit: $45-75
  • Weekly Rate: $250-375