Arkansas Commercial Lease Agreement

The Arkansas Commercial Lease Agreement offered below is a practical means of establishing a relationship between an individual who plans on renting out a property and the party leasing it. To be used for business purposes only, the commercial lease contains conditions not commonly found in leases used for residential purposes, which include rules regarding signs (where they can be placed, how large, etc.), customer parking, special insurances, and utility fees specific to the company. The parties should keep in mind that because the contract is legally binding, it can be very difficult to have a condition altered after signatures have been recorded.

Tenant Screening: Arkansas Rental Application

Form Details

  • Available Formats: PDF & Word
  • Fillable: Y
  • Total pages: Eleven (11)
  • Total Sections: 31
  • Font Color: BLK
  • Notarization: Suggested (not mandatory)