Arkansas Standard Residential Lease Agreement

The Arkansas Standard Residential Lease Agreement is a formal document used in certain housing transactions. As such it includes specific rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants. It also lists the specific actions that a landlord or tenant can take if the agreement is breached. The landlord (or his or her lawyer) usually drafts and reviews this contract to ensure it addresses anticipated and unanticipated circumstances. The tenants should always read it thoroughly  before signing to ensure they agree on the terms and conditions. Any landlords choosing to draft these agreements themselves should be sure to include the provisions pertaining to victims of domestic violence (§ 18-16-112). These stipulations ensure that landlords don’t discriminate against or endanger victims by refusing them rent, refusing to change locks,  allowing perpetrators (that are in a protective order) to enter the property, or punishing tenants that call the police in regards to domestic violence.

Tenant Screening: Arkansas Rental Application

State Laws

Laws: §§ 18-16-101 to 18-16-509 “Landlord Tenant” and §§ 18-17-101 to 18-17-913 “Arkansas Residential Landlord-Tenant Act of 2007

Maximum Security Deposit: (§ 18-16-304) Under no circumstances can a landlord force a tenant to provide a security deposit of any kind in any amount exceeding two (2) months’ rent.

Returning Security Deposits: (§ 18-16-305) Once the tenancy ends, the landlord has sixty (60) days in which to return any type of security deposit to the tenant. If applicable, the amount refunded will reflect deductions of funds used to cover unpaid rent, property damage or other incidentals directly related to prohibited tenant conduct. In such circumstances, the landlord must also provide the tenant with a written list specifying the damages and deductions.

Sample Template

Sample Template