Florida Commercial Lease Agreement


The Florida Commercial Lease Agreement is an official document used to establish the terms and conditions regarding the renting of a property which will be used solely for business purposes. Commercial properties in Florida typically consist of offices, retail centers, restaurants, hotels, resorts, or warehouses. A commercial lease will typically differ from a lease used for residential purposes in that the commercial lease will contain sections regarding what the property can be used for, customer parking, and what improvements can be made to the property, to name a few.

Florida Commercial Lease Law: §§ 83.001 to 83.251

Additional Information

Not ready to rent out a property? In Florida, the SunBiz Division of Corporations is the central, government-run website that contains information and filings services regarding LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships, and Non-profits, and includes information on many other business-related topics. Before beginning the filing process, it is important that the planned entity name is not already taken. Florida’s entity search tool (link below) can be used to conduct comprehensive searches on entity names by using a company’s name, registered agent, trademark name, ZIP code, and FEI/EIN, to name a few. Once a name has been selected and is distinguishable from other business names, the Articles of Organization can be filed either online (below) or via mail.

Entity Search Tool: SunBiz Records Search

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For-Profit Filing Information: SunBiz Florida Profit Corporation

Partnership Filing Information: SunBiz Florida Limited or Limited Liability Limited Partnership

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