Hawaii Rental Application | Form RR308


The Hawaii Rental Application (Form RR308) is the official state form for collecting information on a person interested in renting a residential property in Hawaii. Designed by the Hawaii Association of Realtors, it gives landlords a means to organize the application process by collecting the same information on each candidate. Information collected with the form includes the applicant’s current (and previous) renting situations, motor vehicles owned at the time of application, other persons that will be sharing the property, and an optional section for those in the military, to name a few.

Once completed, the landlord / property manager should compare the form to a list of qualifying conditions. The form should not be compared to other applications to ensure those that applied are not discriminated against. The form can be used to screen tenants for apartments, condominiums, homes, storage spaces, parking lots, and similar properties.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: No limits per by Hawaii law.

Security Deposits (§ 521-44): Landlords cannot require tenants to pay more than one (1) month’s rent as a security deposit unless the tenant has a pet (that isn’t a service animal in accordance to § 515-3.

Guide to Leasing: Hawaii Landlord-Tenant Handbook