Iowa Month-to-Month Rental Agreement


The Iowa Month-to-Month Rental Agreement is a type of lease that has no specified end date, allowing it to extend until either the lessor (landlord) or lessees (tenants) decide to end it. The agreement type allows for considerable lee-way in comparison to yearly leases, commonly being used by homeowners looking to lease a property for certain months out of the year (summer or winter, for example).

Because the contract type is less binding to tenants, landlords often charge higher monthly rent than average. This is also to cover the landlord, as monthly units often sit vacant for greater portions of the year than their yearly counterparts. The notice required by Iowa law to end the agreement is thirty (30) days. The notice needs to be provided in physical form via a written document. In addition to being easy to terminate, landlords have the option of increasing the rent or changing a condition of the lease so long they give the appropriate notice.

State Laws

Statute: § 562A.34

Required Notice to Terminate: Thirty (30) days’ notice for both landlords and tenants.

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