Indiana Month-to-Month Lease Agreement


Download the Indiana Month-to-Month Lease Agreement to structure rules and obligations into a situation where a rental is leased on a monthly basis. The major differentiating factor from a monthly-based lease to a yearly one is that the monthly contract can be terminated so long thirty (30) days of notice is provided. While state law only indicates the notice landlords have to provide, it is generally accepted that either party can provide the same notice to end the agreement. In exchange for providing tenants with a means of ending the lease at any time, landlords will often charge higher monthly rent. The increase in rent is anywhere from ten to fifty percent (10-50%), although the exact amount of the increase should be based on a variety of factors.

State Laws

Statute: IC 32-31-1-1

Required Notice to Terminate: Landlords are required to give thirty (30) days’ notice prior to the next payment period. No notice is stated by IN law pertaining to the notice tenants must give. Because of this, landlords should specify said notice in the rental contract.

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