Massachusetts Month-to-Month Rental Agreement


The Massachusetts month-to-month rental agreement is a type of lease that has no set end date; the agreement continues in effect until either the landlord or tenant terminate the contract. Although state law does not require short term tenancies to be written, doing so ensures the landlord is protected from unnecessary liability.

The form offers several benefits over using a more standard lease. The obvious benefit to the contract is its short-term nature; the parties are only required to give notice of thirty (30) days before the next rental payment to end the lease. This allows for far more flexibility and freedom when compared to other lease types. Another advantage is that a landlord can “get rid of” an unruly tenant without a means of eviction, as the lease requires no reason for termination.

State Laws

Statute: Ch. 186 §12

Required Notice to Terminate: One (1) month before the next payment or thirty (30) days – whichever length of time is shorter.

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