Missouri Lease to Own Agreement


A Missouri Lease-to-Own Agreement blends the elements of a residential lease and a purchase agreement, providing an alternative option between selling a property outright and converting it into a traditional rental. This arrangement allows prospective tenants to negotiate both the lease terms and the property’s purchase price.

Establishing the purchase price at the beginning of the agreement is advantageous for tenants, as potential home appreciation might lead to a higher price if not set in advance.

What is the Purpose of a Lease-to-Own?

A lease-to-own agreement serves as a practical option for homeowners looking to sell their property and tenants aspiring to buy a home, but who might not have the resources for an immediate down payment or mortgage qualification. This arrangement is mutually beneficial, as it enables tenants to work towards homeownership while offering property owners a steady rental income and a pre-established sale price.

Before entering into such an agreement, it is crucial that both parties fully comprehend the terms and conditions, as a lease-to-own contract entails significant financial implications for both the tenant and property owner. To ensure legal compliance and a valid agreement, a qualified real estate attorney should review the document.

When tenants adhere to the agreement’s terms, they maintain their option to purchase the property and secure their investment. Property owners, on the other hand, must be satisfied with the terms and receive fair market value for their property. Thoughtful negotiation and consideration of the lease-to-own agreement’s duration can lead to a favorable outcome for all parties involved.

Missouri Rental-Purchase Agreement Laws Chapter 442