Missouri Roommate Agreement


The Missouri Roommate Agreement Template provides roommates sharing a single rented apartment or home an outline containing the rules and expectations for how they are to treat the rental and their fellow co-inhabitants. For roommates that are not on the original lease signed with the landlord, the amount of rent due, the repercussions for not paying said rent, and other binding conditions should be included in the agreement (similar as to what is contained in the signed lease).

Roommates can use the form to make ground rules regarding the following (and more):

  • Utilities – Who is responsible for physically paying utility bills (if applicable) & each tenant’s share of the bill.
  • Cleaning – The day of the week in which all roommates will clean the common areas of the rental, and the max number of hours dirty dishes can be left in the sink.
  • Quiet Hours – Span of time in which the roommates cannot make excessive noise.
  • Smoking / Drugs – If smoking and drugs are allowed in the rental, and if so, where they can be used.

Missouri Off-Campus Roommate Agreement

The Missouri Off-Campus (College) Roommate Contract is a form similar to the standard roommate agreement, but with conditions specifically formulated for students living in off-campus housing. The two (2) page document offers a simple yet effective means of recording the rules and expectations for the students to follow out of respect for their fellow roommates. The document is applicable for every university and college in Missouri, including but not limited to The University of Missouri, Missouri State, Saint Louis Community College, and Webster University.

Download: Adobe PDF