Missouri Roommate Agreement


The Missouri roommate agreement Template serves as a valuable resource for individuals sharing a rented apartment or home, offering a structured outline of the rules and expectations governing their time living with one another. The document aims to foster a respectful and harmonious living environment by outlining the responsibilities and obligations of each roommate.

For those not included in the original lease signed with the landlord, the roommate agreement should encompass the amount of rent due, consequences for non-payment, and other pertinent terms, mirroring the conditions stipulated in the primary lease.

The agreement addresses various aspects of daily living, such as:

  1. Utilities. Designating the individual responsible for paying utility bills and specifying each roommate’s share of the expenses.
  2. Cleaning. Setting a designated day for cleaning common areas and establishing a maximum timeframe for leaving dirty dishes in the sink.
  3. Quiet Hours. Defining a period during which excessive noise is prohibited to ensure a peaceful environment.
  4. Smoking and Drug Use. Determining whether smoking and drug use are permitted within the rental and if so, specifying designated areas for their use.

While Missouri may not have unique roommate-specific laws, roommates are encouraged to familiarize themselves with local leasing regulations. This will help ensure compliance with the law and avoid potential legal issues. When creating a roommate agreement, it is essential for all parties to engage in open and honest discussions, allowing them to reach a consensus on the terms before signing.