Mississippi Rental Application


The Mississippi Rental Application is a fillable document often paired with an application fee that is issued to parties who are interested in renting a property up for lease. The form complies with Chapter 7 “Landlord and Tenant” of the Mississippi statutes, which mandates the rights of tenants within the state. To the benefit of landlords, Mississippi law does not restrict the amount charged along with rental applications and does not require a refund if the applicants are rejected. Upon downloading the template, it is highly recommended that the property management company or landlord customize it to meet their needs prior to printing it and distributing it to prospective tenants.

State Laws

Maximum Rental Application: No restrictions; landlords can ask for an application fee of any amount.

Security Deposits (§ 89-8-21): No limit on what can be requested for a security deposit. Once the lease has ended, the landlord has a maximum of forty-five (45) days to return the deposit (as-is or minus any deductions). If the landlord does not follow the requirements established by the law, they can face a fine of up to two hundred dollars ($200.00).

Mississippi landlords can only use security deposit’s for expenses relating to:

  • Missed rent payments.
  • Cleaning of the rental.
  • Repair tenant-caused damage (does not include standard wear and tear).
  • Other expenses that resulted from the tenant’s default.