New Jersey Roommate Agreement


The New Jersey Roommate Agreement is a template used for laying ground rules between roommates living within the same rented property. As is commonly the case, roommates form unwritten or unspoken rules or assumptions, such as “my roommate will clean their dishes after using them.” More often than not, these expectations go unfulfilled. Sitting down with the roommates and going through the template piece by piece, adding in or removing rules where necessary, allows roommates to vent their preferences and establish accepted protocols to prevent conflict during their time living together. The form can be used between strangers, friends, and family, and can be as official as the roommates wish to make it.

Rutger’s University (Dorm) Roommate Agreement

The Rutger’s University Roommate Agreement provides students attending Rutger’s with a means of setting rules and expectations upon meeting their new roommates at the start of a semester. The single-page form provides a separate agreement for up to three (3) rooms and two (2) roommates per room, allowing for a total of six (6) roommates to use the contract. The form covers a broad range of topics, including those relating to cleanliness, personal property, guests, and the separate living spaces within each dorm, apartment, or home.

Download: Adobe PDF