West Virginia Agreement to Sublease


A West Virginia agreement to sublease is a form used for renting out an already-rented unit to another tenant. Unlike a standard lease, which is formed between the landlord and tenant(s), a sublease agreement is signed between the existing tenant and the new tenant(s) that will be moving in.

Nothing changes in regard to the original lease signed with the landlord. In other words, should anything go wrong with the rental, the original tenant will be held liable. This is why a comprehensive sublease agreement is important, as it establishes both the rules and the consequences for breaking said rules. Given all of the considerations that come with this arrangement—from the deposit to the rent and utilities payments—it is helpful to have everything written down in a clear and organized fashion, precisely like the document found here.

Is subletting legal in West Virginia?

Yes, the state has no restrictions on subletting. However, the landlord can prohibit it in the original rental contract. To ensure no rules are broken, the current tenant(s) should receive permission from the landlord prior to subletting the unit.