West Virginia Standard Residential Lease Agreement

Once a landlord has found an ideal tenant using a Rental Application, they must subsequently write down the terms of the lease in a West Virginia Standard Residential Lease Agreement. The terms are related to all the different facets of renting a house to a tenant, such as when the lease will start and terminate, what property will be leased, how much monthly rent will be charged, and any additional expenses that will need to be paid.

State Laws & Maximum Security Deposit

State Laws West Virginia Code, Chapter 37, Article 6, “Real Property – Landord and Tenant”

Maximum Security Deposit – Landlords based in West Virginia are not required to follow a certain protocol for the maximum they may charge as a security deposit. However, in the interests of maintaining a strong relationship with their tenant, they are recommended to not set this amount to be too high—one month’s rent equivalent is generally considered an adequate amount to charge.