Connecticut Non Disclosure Agreement Template


A Connecticut non-disclosure agreement is a form that prevents the leaking of valuable and secretive information. The form establishes the types of information that are classified, the consequences for unlawfully sharing it, and the duties both parties have to one another.

By clarifying precisely what may or may not be shared with other parties, this contract reduces confusion among both parties and ensures the contract remains valid should it be used in a court of law.

When is it used? The document has become commonplace in many industries in the United States. Common situations NDAs are used include:

  • Preventing a startup’s business plan from being shared;
  • Keeping a medical patient’s condition secret; and
  • Avoiding newly hired employees from selling learned information.


  • Chapter: Chapter 625
  • Definitions: § 35-51
  • Statute of Limitations (§ 35-56): Those that had their secrets leaked have (3) years from the date the breach was discovered to bring a case against the violators.