Film / Movie Non-Disclosure Agreement Template


film non-disclosure agreement is a legal contract used for protecting in-development movies from being leaked to the public. Everyone involved in the movie set will often have to complete one, including the cast, crew, management, and other members.

The form protects scripts, characters, plots, and other aspects of a project from being accessed by those that could undermine or disrupt the production. Prior to beginning filming, upper management should establish the importance of secrecy early on. Requiring all members of the production to complete an NDA is a great way of ensuring everyone understands the consequence of leaking information.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download

The form can be completed online, or by printing and completing the document by-hand. Download: PDF (.pdf), Word (.docx), or RTF (.rtf).

Step 2 – Establish the Parties

Once the form is ready to be filled in, the production company (the “Releasor”) will need to enter the following:

  1. Name of the releasing entity (the production company);
  2. Name of the production / film;
  3. Date the parties are entering into the agreement (day, month, and year); and
  4. The name of the employee/cast member on the receiving end of the information (known as the “Recipient”).

Step 3 – Signing

Once the Recipient and Releasor have read through the contract in-full, they will need to 1) sign their names, 2) write the date they signed, and 3) write their printed names. Once all signatures have been recorded, copies of the completed contract should be given to all involved parties.