Unilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement


Unilateral (“1-way”) Non-Disclosure Agreement is a document used for pinning a person into a binding contract that requires them to keep certain information they learn a secret. The form is used in a wide variety of professions, but is most often found in business due to the severe damage an exposed trade secret can have on a company’s competitive advantage.

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF, MS Word (.docx), Rich Text (.rtf)

Step 1 – Recipient + Company Info

At the top of the first page, enter the following:

  1. Agreement date (also known as the current date);
  2. The name of the company disclosing the information;
  3. The company’s principal mailing address;
  4. The full name of the recipient; and
  5. The recipient’s mailing address.

Step 2 – State

On the bottom of the first page, enter the name of the state that the company is located in.

Step 3 – Signatures

Both the recipient and the person signing on behalf of the company will need to sign, date their signature, and print their names on the appropriate fields. If the parties will be having one (1) or two (2) witnesses view their signatures, the witnesses will also need to sign, print, and date the form.