Alaska Advance Health Care Directive Form


An Alaska advance health care directive is a thirteen (13) page legal contract used by a principal to appoint an agent to handle their end-of-life care and decisions if they are no longer able. The form combines a durable power of attorney and living will. The durable power of attorney allows the agent to make decisions on behalf of the principal. The living will includes the principal’s medical wishes, which the agent is responsible for carrying out. An agent can make decisions for a principal (even if they are not incapacitated) so long as the principal includes these wishes in the form.

Choosing a trustworthy agent that will put the principal’s priorities first is a must; the agent’s relation to the principal does not matter, so long as they are credible. The form permits the principal to designate one (1) or two (2) alternate agents if the original agent has their power revoked or cannot act as the agent for any reason.

Laws: Title 13, Chapter 52

Signing requirements (AS 13.52.010): Must be signed by a Notary Public or two (2) individuals who personally know the principal.

Additional considerations: Neither the witness nor agent can work at the healthcare facility where the principal receives care. However, if the agent is the principal’s relative (by adoption, blood, or marriage), they can legally assume the role (AS 13.52.300).