Alaska Advance Health Care Directive | Medical POA + Living Will

The Alaska Advance Health Care Directive (Medical Power of Attorney + Living Will) offers a means of establishing the person (“Agent”) that will be making decisions on how an individual (“Principal”) will be cared for in the case they become incapacitated  (disabled / unable to communicate) as well as the wishes for how they would like to be treated. Choosing a trustworthy Agent that will put the Principal’s priorities first is a must; the relation of the Agent to the Principal does not matter, as long as they credible.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Health Care Decisions Act

Signing Requirements (AS 13.52.010) –  State law dictates that it is necessary for an Alaska Advance Health Care Directive to be signed by a) a Notary Public or b) two (2) individuals who personally know the Principal.