Alaska Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


An Alaska minor child power of attorney form allows parents to transfer parental rights for their child or children temporarily, often due to military deployment, incarceration, or medical treatment. The appointed individual, known as the “agent,” assumes caregiving responsibilities. Per § 13.26.066, parents can revoke the agent’s authority at any time using a revocation of POA, after which the agent must promptly return the child or children.

State Laws: § 13.26.066

Signing Requirements: Parents’ signatures on the form must be notarized to be valid. 

Time Active (§ 13.26.066(c)): The power of attorney form remains active for up to one year. However, § 13.26.066(d) permits active duty military members to extend the POA beyond one year but not more than 30 days after their active duty service ends.