Alaska Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


The Alaska Minor Child Power of Attorney is for parent(s) who need to transfer parental rights to their child (or children) for a specified amount of time; commonly because the parent(s) will be leaving on a military deployment, will be spending time incarcerated, or will be receiving medical care. The individual appointed to taking care of the child is called the “Attorney-in-Fact,” or more commonly, the “agent.” Alaska Statute § 13.26.066 allows the parents to revoke the agent’s power over the child at any time for any reason, which can be done with a revocation of POA. If the parent(s) do decide to revoke the POA, the agent is required by law to return the child(ren) as soon as possible.

Laws§ 13.26.066

Signing requirements – The parent’s signature must be notarized.

Time active (§ 13.26.066(c)) – Once signed, the POA will remain in effect for a maximum time of one (1) year. However, § 13.26.066 (d) points out that POAs made by an active duty member of the military can indeed extend longer than one year, but no longer than thirty (30) days past the end of active duty.