Arkansas Limited Power of Attorney Form


An Arkansas limited power of attorney furnishes temporary rights to an agent so they can represent the principal when making financial, legal, or personal decisions. Although not required, the principal can set a definite start and end date, which ensures the agent finishes the task(s) on time.

Selecting a reliable agent prevents fraud, scams, or other issues because the principal knows the moral integrity of the person and relies on them to flawlessly handle the given tasks. With that in mind, the agent must know they can reach out to the principal at any time, no matter the cause, to ask pertinent questions.

Individuals who make out-of-scope decisions must repay debts or properly compensate the principal. If further disagreements occur, the principal can escalate the situation by bringing the agent to court (§ 28-68-117). Therefore, the agent must comprehend these terms going into the deal and feel secure in their abilities to carry out the tasks without a problem.

Signing requirements (§ 28-68-105): The document must be notarized.