Arkansas Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


An Arkansas Minor Child Power of Attorney form provides a known and trusted person the legal right to take care of one’s child due to the parent(s) being away from their children. This can be due to work duties, travel commitments, or other personal affairs. The form should be completed in advance of the parent’s absence, and significant care should be taken when selecting the agent. Once the form is completed, a copy of it should be kept by the parent(s) and the agent.

The parent can set the length of the power of attorney by stating an expiration date in the contract or they can use a revocation form to terminate the POA at any time. Should there be an issue with the agent, the parent should not wait, and should proceed with terminating the agreement immediately and arranging another individual to take over the role as agent.

Laws§ 28-68-213

Time active – No statute.

Signing requirements – Signature of the parent must be notarized.