Florida Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Florida limited power of attorney is a document that is completed by a person (called the “principal”) when they want to give another person (called the “agent”) the ability to act in their place. By signing, the principal is giving the agent permission to complete the duties that are listed in the form. Examples of tasks include tax filing, document signing, and selling or buying personal property. However, this is not a complete list as it can be used for any responsibility that is needed one time. 

A limited power of attorney lasts until the form expires or the assigned tasks have been completed. They are different from durable and medical forms as they end if the principal becomes incapacitated. Additionally, the principal can repeal the agreement at any time using a Florida revocation form.

Unlike a general power of attorney (which transfers financial power), this type of document is used for a wide variety of non-specific tasks. For instance, a principal may fill it out to have another person manage their home while they are on vacation, or give someone temporary custody of their child.

Signing Requirements (§ 709.2105(2)): Notarized and signed by two (2) witnesses.