Florida Minor Child Power of Attorney Form | Application for Appointment as Guardian


The Florida Minor Child Power of Attorney, also known as the “Application for Appointment as Guardian” is a form that appoints a trusted, known person (known as the “Ward” or “Guardian”) to take care of a parent’s child (or children). The form is compliant with § 744.3125, the law states how appointment applications must be handled.

The form is not to be completed by the parent(s) of the children, rather, it is to be completed by the guardian applicant. Once the form has been filled out, the applicant will need to attend a court hearing where the judge will determine whether or not the application is valid. If the judge approves of the application, he or she will sign and stamp the document, making it an official legal document.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws: Guardianship of Minors (§ 744.3021) & Application for Appointment (§ 744.3125)

Signing Requirements: In order to be valid, the petition needs to be signed by the applicant guardian. Furthermore, the form needs to be filed with the applicable County Probate Court.

Additional information: The form contains a total of thirty-four (34) sections. The applicant will be required to answer give answers regarding the following (to name a few):

  • If the applicant has any disabilities
  • If the applicant has been treated for various medical conditions
  • If the applicant has been charged/arrested for a felony and/or other types of charges
  • If the applicant has served as a guardian before
  • If the applicant has ever filed for bankruptcy