Florida Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


A Florida minor child power of attorney form designates a reliable individual (the “ward”) to care for a parent’s child or children. This document, also called an Application for Appointment as Guardian, adheres to laws governing childcare responsibilities on behalf of another person (§ 744.3125).

The parent(s) do not fill out this form; instead, the prospective guardian completes it. Following this, the applicant attends a court hearing where a judge determines the application’s legitimacy. If the judge approves, they sign and stamp the document, making it an official legal record.

State Laws: § 744.3021 | § 744.3125

Signing Requirements: The guardian must sign the petition to validate it. Moreover, they must file the form with the appropriate County Probate Court.

Additional information: The form comprises thirty-four (34) sections, requiring the applicant to provide answers concerning multiple topics, such as:

  • Any disabilities the applicant may have;
  • Treatment for various medical conditions the applicant may have received;
  • Any felony charges or arrests the applicant has faced;
  • Previous experience as a guardian; and
  • Whether the applicant has ever filed for bankruptcy.