Hawaii Advance Health Care Directive Form


A Hawaii advance health care directive is a two-purpose form that informs the agent of the principal’s medical treatment preferences if they cannot make their own decisions. The primary purpose of the document is to 1) establish the identity of the agent and 2) to give the principal a way of listing their preferred treatment methods. The form gives the principal a way of ensuring their treatment aligns with their preferences should they not be able to communicate with others (a state known as being “incapacitated”).


This document is a power of attorney and living will combined. A power of attorney enables the agent to make medical choices for the principal, whereas the “living will” outlines the specific treatment needed. The form goes into effect if the principal has an illness or injury that leaves them unable to discuss their preferences. Two (2) physicians must confirm the principal’s condition before treatment can occur.

Laws: Chapter 327E

Signing requirements (§ 327E-3): Must be witnessed and signed by two (2) individuals and acknowledged before a Notary Public.