Hawaii Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Hawaii limited power of attorney is a form that gives a person (the “agent”) the ability to make decisions for the person completing it (the “principal”). The agent must carry out the tasks exactly as the principal has requested. Once they have completed their duties, the form is no longer valid. The principal can set an expiration date, as well, so that the agent has a deadline to carry out their responsibilities. This form is typically used for one-time financial activities (i.e. signing a check), mail delivery or pick-up, real estate transactions, access to personal information (i.e. tax forms and bank accounts), and hiring or terminating employees.

A limited power of attorney is used for simple, one-time tasks. It restricts the agent’s abilities as they must follow the exact guidelines that are written. A general power of attorney, on the other hand, gives the agent the ability to carry out all financial tasks for the principal as it has fewer limits. If the agent misuses their power or makes decisions that do not align with the principal’s wishes, the contract terminates. Similarly, the principal can choose to remove the agent’s authority whenever by completing a Hawaii revocation form.

This type of document is not durable as it is no longer valid if the principal is not able to make competent decisions or passes away. While it can be used for medical decisions, it limits what an agent can do. If a principal wants an agent to have complete power over their health-related needs, they should complete a medical power of attorney instead.

Signing requirements (§ 551E-3(b)): This document must be notarized.