Hawaii Limited Power of Attorney Form

A Hawaii Limited (Special) Power of Attorney (LPOA) is a form that gives an individual (the “agent”) the legal right to make decisions for the creator of the contract (the “principal”). The agent must abide by the wishes of the principal as stated in the agreement. These actions must also be carried out before the form expires. LPOAs are not durable meaning that they are no longer valid if the principal is not able to make competent decisions or passes away.

LPOAs are used for simple tasks that do not involve medical care. Examples of when the principal may assign power to the agent include:

  • Financial activities (i.e. signing a check)
  • Mail delivery and pick-up
  • Real estate transactions (i.e. buying and selling homes or condos)
  • Access to personal information (i.e. tax forms and bank accounts)
  • Hiring or terminating employees

Signing requirements (§ 551E-3): The document must be notarized.