Hawaii Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Hawaii limited power of attorney is a form that gives a person (the “agent”) the ability to make decisions for the person completing it (the “principal”). The agent must carry out the tasks according to the principal’s demands. Once they have completed their duties, the form is no longer valid. The principal can set an expiration date, as well, so that the agent has a deadline to carry out their responsibilities. The principal uses this document for one-time financial activities, mail delivery or pick-up, real estate transactions, access to personal information, and hiring or terminating employees.

A limited power of attorney is used for straightforward, exclusive tasks. It restricts agents’ capacities as they must obey the communicated procedures. A financial power of attorney, on the other hand, gives the agent permission to fully handle a principal’s finances.

Breaking the terms of the agreement can have major consequences in the principal’s life. It can also heavily impact the relationship between the agent and principal. Since the decisions bestowed upon the agent have such significant meaning and power, they must take the document seriously and do what they can to make the best decisions possible.

If their responsibilities are ever in question, they must get ahold of the principal to receive clarification before taking action. Otherwise, the principal can cease the contract and potentially take legal action against the agent, if their decision warrants it.

Signing requirements (§ 551E-3(b)): This document must be notarized.