Michigan Patient Advocate Designation Form

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Any individual of a competent mind, referred to in state law as the Patient, may create a Michigan Patient Advocate Designation Form in order to designate another individual, their Patient Advocate, to act on their behalf should they one day enter into a state of incapacitation. As § 700.5506 establishes, this form lawfully allows a Patient Advocate to “exercise powers concerning care, custody, and medical or mental health treatment decisions” for the Patient. Before the form may be lawfully executed, the Patient will need to make arrangements to meet the signing requirements mandated by state law, as noted below.


State Laws & Signing Requirements

Laws: Estates and Protected Individuals Code

Signing requirements (§ 700.5506): State law requires a Medical Power of Attorney (Designation of Patient Advocate) to be “executed in the presence of and signed by two (2) witnesses.”