Mississippi Durable Power of Attorney Form


The Mississippi Durable Power of Attorney is an estate planning contract involving two (2) people: the person completing the form (you), and an individual you choose to represent you (the “agent”). The agent can alternatively be called the “attorney-in-fact” or another name you denominate. There are little legal requirements regarding who can perform as the agent. Having said, legal professionals recommend the agent be someone whom you trust, such as family or a tight-knit friend. Whoever is chosen, make sure they understand exactly what they are supposed to do by outlining all requirements in the form clearly.


To select provide your agent with a power, place your initials next to the applicable description. You can also manually-write in any powers that aren’t already specified in the form.

If your agent is behaving erratically, isn’t available to perform their duties, or is all around a poor representative, you can remove their powers by completing the Mississippi revocation of power of attorney form.

Laws: § 104