Mississippi General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


Download the Mississippi General Power of Attorney to give someone you trust the official permission to manage and supervise your personal and/or business assets in your place. Entities, checking/savings accounts, insurance plans, and rental properties are just a few of the topics that can be given power over. Because the form is the non-durable version, it’s used for providing provisional (short-lived) permissions, whether it’s because you need to leave town for a few months for work, you’re receiving medical treatment, leaving on a military deployment, or another justifiable reason. The alternate to this form is the durable POA, which is used for estate planning.


You (the principal) must clearly spell out what the agent can and can’t do in your place. Including specific, step-by-step instructions is recommended for ensuring they understand how to carry out certain tasks. This can be written/typed and attached to the completed power of attorney. Both parties need to be aware that the document is non-durable; if the principal experiences a medical emergency that leaves them mentally incapacitated, the document will terminate. If you do not want the form to terminate in such an event, the durable POA should be completed.

Laws: Title 87, Ch. 3