Mississippi Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Mississippi limited power of attorney is used by a Mississippi resident (the “principal”) to appoint another person (the “agent”) to perform specific tasks. The principal must be very clear in their wording when deciding when and how the agent will carry out the desired duties. This form is commonly used when they are unable to handle the responsibility on their own. For instance, the agent may need to sign documents for the sale of a home while the principal is on vacation. With a limited power of attorney, the agent can legally sign for the buyer.

Broader, longer-lasting financial authorities are given to an agent under a general power of attorney as opposed to the limited type. A durable or medical power of attorney should be selected instead if the authority continues even if the principal endures an accident or illness that leaves them unable to make incompetent decisions. A principal can end any of these forms at any time that they wish by signing a Mississippi revocation form.

Signing requirements: This form does not have any requirements for signing.