Mississippi Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


A Mississippi minor child power of attorney form addresses the delegation of parental or guardianship responsibilities from a parent or guardian to another individual, known as the agent. Choosing the right agent is crucial; they must ensure the child’s care, safety, and well-being. Ideal candidates include trusted family friends, grandparents, or other relatives. This legal document offers a temporary solution for parents or guardians who may be unavailable due to work, travel, or health reasons. Furthermore, it is essential to specify the scope of the agent’s authority to ensure a smooth transition of responsibility during the form’s duration.

State Laws: § 93-31-3

Signing Requirements (§ 93-31-5(7)): Although there are no specific signing requirements for Mississippi minor child power of attorney forms, it is recommended that parents or guardians sign the document before a notary public. Additionally, having two (2) witnesses present during the signing process is advisable for added security.