Mississippi Vehicle Power of Attorney (78-003)


A Mississippi motor vehicle power of attorney (Form 78-003) delegates vehicle-related responsibilities to an assigned person or dealer, also known as the attorney. The person creating the document (the vehicle owner) can make multiple requests when selecting the duties to be completed by the attorney. Examples of responsibilities can include driving the vehicle from one location to another, applying for a title and registration, or obtaining a duplicate title. According to Mississippi state law, the attorney must disclose the odometer reading upon buying or selling the vehicle.

In addition to writing the tasks, the owner must enter their personal information and the name and address of the attorney. By including the owner’s information, a third party (such as the Department of Motor Vehicles) can contact them if needed. The owner must list the attorney’s personal information to verify their identity, as well. If the owner wants to provide in-depth instructions for the attorney, they can attach another document to the motor vehicle power of attorney.

Signing requirements: Must be witnessed and signed by a Notary Public.

How to Write

Download: PDF

Step 1 – Grantor and Agent Personal Information

Enter the county where the vehicle is currently owned. Write the grantor’s name (car owner) and address, as well as the agent’s name (attorney-in-fact) and address.

Step 2 – Vehicle Specs

To ensure the agent has authority over the vehicle, enter the description of the vehicle:

  • Make (e.g., Toyota)
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Year (e.g., 2012)
  • Body Type (e.g., SUV)
  • Title number

Step 3 – Odometer Reading & Signature

Enter the current odometer reading (car mileage). Select the box ONLY IF the statement is correct; leave blank otherwise. The owner must verify that they have completed the form and appointed the named attorney-in-fact by signing and dating the form. A Notary Public must attend the signing and confirm the owner’s identity by completing the appropriate section of the document.

Step 4 – Notarize the Form

Per state law, Mississippi car owners must have a motor vehicle power notarized by an authorized person. The Notary Public must witness the vehicle owner’s signing before approving the document.