North Carolina Limited Power of Attorney Form


A North Carolina limited power of attorney is used for giving a person (the “agent”) the right to carry out tasks as requested by another person (the “principal”). This type of form is unique as it is used for one-time responsibilities, such as buying a motor vehicle or signing a document in a principal’s name.

As soon as the duties are completed, the limited power of attorney terminates, thus removing the agent’s authority. If the tasks carry over an extended period of time or are related to financial needs, a general power of attorney would be more appropriate. A durable or medical power of attorney is chosen for financial duties that are needed even if the principal becomes mentally incapacitated or dies.

According to North Carolina law, the principal can write the limited power of attorney so that it goes into effect after a certain day or event. However, the exact details of this arrangement must be included. If the principal becomes incapacitated at any time, two (2) professionals or a judge must confirm his or her mental condition. As soon as this occurs, the form is revoked and the agent no longer has power (§ 32C-1-109).

Signing requirements (§ 32C-1-105) – Notarized.