North Dakota Durable Power of Attorney Form


The North Dakota Durable Power of Attorney serves residents need to ensure their savings, companies, real estate, and other hard-earned assets are in good hands should they no longer be able to tend to them personally. Unlike alternative POAs, the durable type is not designed for one-time assignments, but for outlining one’s future plans. Without one in place, the principal’s assets could go into disarray. Should they recover from their incapacitation, the principal would be faced with recuperating their losses and figuring out what happened while they were absent. With the form, the principal’s major responsibility is in finding a suitable agent. While those close to the principal (such as family), are recommended, only personal conversations with each potential agent will allow them to narrow-down who is right for them.

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Version 1 (Official)

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When selecting an agent, look for one that is:

  • Reliable;
  • Lives nearby;
  • Knowledgeable in what the principal needs handled; and
  • Trustworthy.

Laws: Ch. 30.1-30