North Dakota Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


A North Dakota minor child power of attorney form is a legal instrument that enables parents to grant temporary parental rights to a trusted individual. State law limits the duration of these agreements to six (6) months, although parents may create and sign a new form if necessary. The designated agent assumes parental responsibilities, except consenting to marriage or adoption. Notably, the parent retains all rights and can revoke the document at any time by completing and sending a revocation form to the agent. Parents must carefully consider the selected agent’s ability to provide proper care and support for the child during the parent’s absence.

Versions (3)

Version 1 (Short Form)

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Version 2 (Long Form)

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Version 3 (OpenDocs)

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Laws: § 30.1-26-04 (5-104)

Signing requirements: While no state-mandated signing requirements exist, all parties should sign and obtain notarization for the document.