North Dakota Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


A North Dakota Minor Child Power of Attorney is a legally-binding document that provides parents with the ability to give temporary parental rights to someone they personally know and trust. North Dakota law limits the contract to six (6) months. However, the parent can create and sign a new power of attorney after the six (6) month period if they need more time. The nominated person can act as the child’s parent in almost every way, excluding those regarding the consent to marriage or the adoption of the child. It is important to understand that signing this power of attorney does NOT cause the true parent or guardian to lose any rights pertaining to their child. Once signed, the parent can terminate this agreement at any time by completing and sending a revocation of power of attorney to the nominated agent.

Versions (3)

Version 1 (Short Form)

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Version 2 (Long Form)

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Version 3 (OpenDocs)

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Laws: Chapter 30.1-26

Signing requirements: No state-mandated signing requirements. It is recommended that the form be signed by all parties and notarized.