New Hampshire Durable Power of Attorney Form


The New Hampshire Durable Power of Attorney is an estate planning document designed around NH’s power of attorney laws, and gives adults the opportunity to formally designate a person to handle their banking, business, tax, and other financial matters. The agent selection process is completely up to the principal to handle – so long the one they choose accepts the nomination and understands all of their obligations, they can perform their duties as the agent without question. Having said, choosing an agent is no simple matter – the person selected should be strong willed, honest, trustworthy, and someone that will put your (the principal) needs above all else. While the form doesn’t cover medical matters (that’s reserved for the NH Advance Directive), it does give power over virtually everything else, if the principal permits.

Check out NH statute 564-E:114 to get a deeper understanding of all of the responsibilities that your agent will have. Printing it out and giving them the list is also recommended to help them know what will be required of them once the POA goes into effect.


Laws: § 564-E:104

Signing requirements (§ 564-E:105): The principal must sign the form in view of a Notary Public.

Useful definitions: § 564-E:102