Nevada Medical Power of Attorney Form

The Nevada Medical Power of Attorney (Durable POA for Health Care) is a document that is legally compliant with the provisions found in the state’s Power of Attorney for Health Care laws. As NRS 162A.790 states, a valid Durable POA for Health Care allows any competent adult (referred to as the Principal) to name another party (the Agent) who they consent to be granted the authority to make decisions concerning their health care if they become “incapable of giving informed consent concerning such decisions.” The POA will become effective when the conditions the Principal has noted in the form have been met, whether this is once it is executed, at a specific future date, or upon their incapacity.

Laws§§ 162A.010 to 162A.870

Signing Requirements (NRS 162A.790) – Must be signed by the principal in view of

  • A Notary Public, or
  • Two (2) adult witnesses (must meet criteria established in NRS 162A.790)