Nevada Medical Power of Attorney Form


A Nevada medical power of attorney is a document that allows an agent to determine a principal’s health-related treatment and care. The agent only has the authorization to make these decisions if a physician confirms that the principal is incapacitated (or unable to make their choices by themselves). This form also enables the principal to list their preferences for life-prolonging treatment, artificial nutrition and hydration, and comfort care. The agent cannot override these wishes even if they feel that another course of action would be better.

The principal can choose up to two (2) alternate agents if they wish to do so. They can appoint an alternate agent if the primary agent is not reliable or becomes unavailable or unwilling. If the principal and agent divorce, the medical power of attorney automatically ends, or an alternate agent takes over the role.

Unless the form has an expiration date, it lasts indefinitely (even if the principal passes away). Therefore, by signing, the agent agrees to take on the role for an extended amount of time. If the agent feels that they will not be able to carry out the principal’s medical wishes in the long term, they should not sign the form. As soon as the principal becomes competent, or able to make their own decisions, the agent no longer has authority.

Laws: NRS 162A.700 to 162A.870NRS 449A.400 to 449A.481

Signing requirements (NRS 162A.790(2)NRS 449A.433(1)): Must be signed in front of two (2) adult witnesses or a Notary Public.

The witnesses cannot be a/an:

  • Health care provider;
  • Employee of the health care provider;
  • Health care facility operator;
  • Employee of the health care facility; or
  • Agent (NRS 162A.790).