New York Limited Power of Attorney Form


A New York limited power of attorney grants an agent permission to act on behalf of a New York resident (known as the “principal”). The principal must be very specific when writing the tasks so that the agent clearly understands their role. This form is commonly used for duties like cashing a check or signing a document. It expires once the agent has carried out the tasks that they have been assigned or the form reaches its termination date.

A limited power of attorney is selected when assigning temporary, one-time responsibilities. Another type of form should be used for broader, long-term needs. For example, a durable power of attorney lasts indefinitely and allows the agent to make many decisions for the principal. If the principal wishes to end the agreement, they can complete a New York revocation form.

Signing requirements (§ 5-1501B) – The principal must sign in front of a notary public.