New York Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form IRP-1POA)

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The New York Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form IRP-1POA) is a document issued by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles that allows a motor vehicle owner to appoint another party—their Agent—who will act as their International Registration Plan (IRP) representative. As the form states, the Agent will be required to:

  • Provide and receive IRP information, and
  • Perform acts that the Principal can perform as a New York State IRP registrant with respect to the IRP.

Additional Considerations

As stated on the form, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles Motor requires motor vehicle owners to submit the form annually. If there have been any changes to the previously submitted form, the owner must indicate them.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Statutory Short Form and Other Powers of Attorney for Financial and Estate Planning

Signing Requirements – In order for the form to be accepted as valid, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles requires it to be:

  • Signed by the Principal,
  • Signed by the Agent, and
  • Notarized by a Notary Public (with the signature and seal).

If the Agent is a business organization, they must additionally attach a separate notarized letter on company letterhead, of which must be signed by an authorized representative of the business. The letter must indicate the name(s) of the individuals(s) who is/are authorized to sign the Power of Attorney on behalf of the business.