Oklahoma Durable Power of Attorney Form


The Oklahoma Durable Power of Attorney is a personal-use document used for denominating a spouse, well-known friend, or relative as their “financial agent” who will have the power to handle decisions relating to money and assets. Unlike a general form, the durable type continues in effect should the principal be unable to interact with those around them (in a good state of mind). For this reason, the document is used for permanent or life long planning, giving the principal a means of protecting their financial foundation should they be incapable of governing it themselves.


By default, the agent will receive broad and sweeping powers over one’s assets. If there is a certain power the principal would like to remove, they can place their initials next to the specific power. The principal should utilize the “special instructions” section to specify exactly what the agent needs to do to keep their financial life running smoothly. If more space is needed a separate page can be attached to the form.

Durable laws: § 58-1073

Signing requirements (§ 58-1072.2): The principal needs to have both a notary public AND two (2) witnesses view their signing of the POA. This is for proving the validity of the form and that the principal knew what they were signing at the time.